Why Coaching?

What if you knew how to be a better encourager, or a more effective sounding-board and problem-solver? What if you knew how to improve your ability to communicate with and motivate others so that they commit to successful change and transformation? What if you could increase people’s confidence in themselves, and their reliance on God, and their willingness to step out and use their God-given abilities? What if you could do all this without needing to have the answers yourself?

This is what coaching is about – unlocking the resources and potential we each carry within ourselves, often without realising that it is there! Coaching is the process of ‘coming alongside’, helping people think things through and get things done. It is a profound personal relationship, created for the person or team who wants to change themselves and the world around them. A coach helps you define a vision, clarify your goals, and keep you accountable for the action plans you make, by using intuitive listening and asking powerful questions in a conversation focused on you and your needs under God.

Whether in ministry, in our families or in our workplaces, the skill of asking powerful questions is key to empowering those around us. Coaching is a powerful ministry approach, which we can use to unlock and release God’s dream for each of us, no matter what stage of life or area of service we are in.