Cultivate Coaching is a ministry activity of the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT.

We are a team of coaches from varying backgrounds (church leadership, pastoral care, health, education and psychology), dedicated to glorifying God in all walks of our lives, and zealous in our drive to nurture and build up His people. Imagine the impact we could make for His work and His kingdom if we were all able to access the art of empowering conversations that trigger personal and organisational transformation, through the right combination of intuitive listening and powerful questions! No matter what stage of life we are at, whether in ministry, in our families or in our workplaces, coaching and mentoring are powerful approaches to unlocking and releasing God’s dream for each of us. Cultivate Coaching is committed to bringing this skill set into broader use within our Christian community.

What is coaching?

  • Coaches come alongside to help – like Barnabas. By encouraging and challenging others, Barnabas empowered them for ministry. He may not have been in the starring role, but without him many others would not have been able to accomplish great things for God that they did.
  • Coaches come alongside to help you succeed – finding out what God wants you to do and doing it, however that looks for your given the abilities, skills and context He has given you.
  • Each person needs to discover for themselves what it is that God wants them to do. Coaches aid that process, but they don’t direct it. Coaching is not about telling others what to do; it’s about helping them discover it for themselves.
  • Coaching is the process of coming alongside a person or team to help them discover God’s agenda for their life and ministry, and then co-operating with the Holy Spirit to see that agenda become reality.

Would you like to find out more about us or the ministry or training we offer? We’d love to talk with you! Please contact us here.